Magicis Odore | Lava Stone Pendant

This beautiful handmade lava stone pendant vibrates motivation and courage. But there is more: Lava stone, as it is porous, can absorb essential oils and be used as a natural, non-mechanical diffuser. This is the purpose of this pendant, certainly a beautiful gift option!


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The Magicis Odore is a pendant with Lava Stone incorporated. In addition to the special effects of Lava Stone (such as willpower and courage), you can also drip essential oil on this stone. Lava rock is porous, which means it can absorb the oil and  spread a pleasant scent.

The pendant is knotted with gold thread and has a beige bobbin hanging from it, it is approximately 25 cm long.

You’ll receive 1 pendant.

Handcraft with love by Typisch Shanna.


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