Meet Apoena

Apoena Ecocare is a lifestyle concept designed for people who want to live in a more holistic way, where everything connects, complements and balances. We bring a careful selection of natural, ethical and sustainable products, aiming to add to your journey of self-care, self-knowledge and as part of a community and this planet.

We personally test and choose each product before it arrives in our store, so we can ensure that they meet our standards and that we are only bringing the best of the best to you. Furthermore, each of these products are ethically produced, by environmentally friendly companies, many of them local start-ups, and with great people and stories behind them.

“We don’t believe in battles, we believe in generating transformation from a kind and loving place, from the inside out, from each soul to the world.”

Apoena in an indigenous name from Tupi-Guarani origin and means: the one who can see beyond. So, the invitation that we bring is to reflect our choices and their impact on us and on the planet. Our concept is a reminder to reconnect, to add more meaning to your routine and daily experiences, finding more joy, lightness and fulfilment in living.

Meet the woman behind Apoena

The Apoena Ecocare concept is an addition of many experiences, concerns and personal pursuits. I’ve always had a lot of allergies, and lived looking for options that would allow me, for example, to wear makeup without harming myself. On the other hand, I worked for many years in the cosmetics branch, and was daily confronted with the sad truth behind traditional cosmetics and hygiene products. Furthermore, the amount of plastic in packaging has always been something that bothered me, there is often more plastic than product!

After a lot of research, testing and time, I’ve found the solutions I was looking for, to balance my needs with a natural, ethical and sustainable lifestyle. And then the Apoena dream started to be cultivated in my heart. Why not to share this with others?

As a journalist, I want to talk about this. I want to provide information so people can make conscious choices. As a holistic therapist, I’m daily reminded and reminding people of the importance of living in connection with ourselves and everything around us. Conscience is a movement that happens from the inside out. As much as we are connected with our essence, as much we feel like making little changes that will help us to live in a more meaningful and joyful way.

Nathercia is a Brazilian living in Belgium. Professional communicator,
Holistic Therapist and the Founder of Apoena Ecocare
My intention with Apoena Ecocare is to spread the message, bringing information, support, ideas, solutions, and opportunities to experience that a sustainable life doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or a faraway reality. It is available here and now, to each one of us, through our choices. I will be honoured to contribute in any ways to your holistic journey!

Let’s look to the future together!