4 reasons why people choose for natural cosmetics

At first glance, the daily ritual of brushing your teeth, combing your hair, washing and moisturizing your body, or putting on make-up may just seem like a routine act. But the use of these products is closely associated with strengthening our identity and emotional security. It is a boost to our self-confidence, what makes it easier to face daily challenges and manage the social interaction.

But can you count how many products are used only in this daily ritual? Have you ever stopped to read those little difficult words on the labels and try to find out a little more about what you’re consuming? If you are here reading this text right now, probably yes!

A call for natural

Speaking of cosmetics, the demand for natural and organic products is growing, and there are four main reasons for that:

First one: information

Times are changing! People are more and more interested in knowing what they are consuming and what is the impact of this on their life quality, their health and for the planet. Transparency is very important nowadays! There is a saying: “if you can’t understand what’s written on a product’s label, leave it on the shelf, it’s not good for you”.

People no longer want to use products full of parabens, harmful chemicals, synthetics, petroleum, toxins, dyes, etc. These chemicals – and much others – are present, in a greater or lesser extent, in practically all conventional cosmetic products. The constant use of these products causes what is known as bioaccumulation, which is when a chemical component reaches high levels in the body causing damage and illness, even like cancer.

In addition, all those chemicals can also cause short- and medium- term side effects, such as allergic reactions or a kind of dependence, when, for example, the skin ends up becoming drier, or with an even more tired appearance – this is because these products are not truly nourishing the skin, rather they are taking away or blocking its natural nutrients production.

Second: Long term benefits

Once adhering to natural cosmetics, unlike the relationship they had with chemicals, people realize not just a short-term result, but long-term benefits. It happens because the goal of natural skincare isn’t just to make your skin look great for a short time, it’s to nourish, feed and stimulate your skin cells for long-lasting healthy-looking skin. Moreover, they report feeling benefited in other ways: for example, through the calming properties of the lavender present in a soap bar which help to lower the anxiety levels, to name one.

Third: Animal have rights!

The testing in animals is beyond cruel, so we are definitely not going on details here.

The point is: if all the ingredients are safe and natural, why do they need to test on a living being? It is a question of ethics, and a claim for transparency and respect.

Fourth: Global warming

It is sad, but true: There is no planet B and our planet is seriously ill!

The issues of global warming make people look for buying products that are locally sourced and made, in order to reduce of carbon footprint with logistics and packaging, and for making sure it’s eco-friendly produced. This consumption behaviour, in addition to bringing direct benefits to the environment, still works as a wakeup call to the big companies.


If you haven’t made the plunge to natural and organic beauty yet, well… now is a perfect time. 🙂

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