Meet Koruí

Koruí is a Brazilian company, made by women for women, which produces beautiful and sustainable menstrual products of excellent quality with ethical standards, and it would be enough reasons for to choose for this brand. But Koruí also heads a super important social project, which we are honoured to present to you:

Meet the “Owner of my flow”

Have you ever imagined your life without intimate hygiene products? Many communities around the world still have difficulties in accessing these products, resorting to unsafe methods such as newspapers or bread crumbs. 
Koruí joined the NGO Raízes (Roots) and created the Dona do meu Fluxo (Owner of my flow) project. The goal of this amazing project is to bring to communities in Brazil not only the menstrual cup, but instructions on its use and broader information that includes female empowerment, sexuality and self-knowledge.

For every 10 Koruí menstrual cups sold, 1 is donated to communities in need. 

How does it works? The project promote workshops that unite women to bring a new concept of menstruation and break menstrual taboos. They count: 21 communities visited, 1,200 donated collectors, 4,500 km covered.

Wow! And what is the impact of this project?

Can you imagine getting your period without having access to simple things like tampons? 
The menstrual collector offers safety, practicality, health, comfort! With it, girls and women can live without worrying about menstruation. They can sit comfortably, walk, run and normally participate in everyday activities. In addition, the menstrual collector has a very high durability! For women who do not live in precarious situations, it provides a simple and free period. And in regions of extreme poverty they are capable of completely changing a girl’s life! It also allows for closer contact with the body. When girls and women get to know their bodies, they understand better how it works, menstruation is no longer a problem and is just a natural and healthy process. This not only creates health, but confidence and dignity.

See some pictures of previous editions:

In 2018 Koruí and Raízes took the project to the Amazonia. 

2019 was the time to help and inform girls and women in Pará.


In 2020 the project brought change to the Xingu. 


Menstruation is universal. Access to menstrual products is not.

Each menstrual cup you buy helps Koruí to help many girls and women in Brazil. It is a beautiful circle of women empowering women around the world. 

Let’s make change together? 

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