100% Natural lip balm | Red | Lips & Cheeks

A 100% natural balm with a beautiful, timeless red color. You can apply this warm, subtle color to the lips and cheeks. The color blends seamlessly into your skin and fades slowly. So it doesn’t leave any ugly lines.


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The natural ingredients soften, heal and intensely protect the lips and skin. The strawberry seed oil is an upcycled, natural cold-pressed oil from a by-product of the juice and jam industry that would otherwise have been wasted. Extra virgin shea butter contains a high concentration of antioxidants, which softens and heals dry spots. Oatmeal soothes. Coconut oil nourishes.

The lip balm forms a protective layer over your lips without closing the skin, with a subtle shine. The beautiful color comes from iron oxide – this is a 100% natural mineral that gives beautiful colors.

This fine and practical product cannot be missing in your bag!


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