Affirmation Bracelet | Moonstone

This bracelet is carefully designed with “Moonstone” for emotional and hormonal balance. It’s more than a jewellery, it’s a daily reminder that you can be in tune with your body and flow with your nature.

Great tip for Holidays Gift for yourself or someone you care about. 🙂



Color satin cord: beige

Is wrapped around a card that shows the effect in affirmation form. Nice to keep the card in your wallet, for example.

The bracelets are adjustable with a sliding knot. It is a button that slides open to one side. It is possible that the button does not close exactly in the middle, but this is not disturbing at all.

Advise of use: to take off the bracelet when showering.

Designed and crafted by: Typisch Shanna

Good to know: gemstones are natural products. The beads on the bracelet you receive may therefore differ in color.

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Gold, Silver


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