Bamboo Hairbrush | Large

Suitable for different hair types, especially thick and long hair
Antibacterial, made from FSC-certified bamboo
Plastic-free, vegan, without melamine and responsibly produced



Bamboo hair brushes are becoming more and more popular – because it ensures healthy, shiny hair. 

This bamboo hairbrush detangles the hair easily and helps to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Even after washing, the brush glides effortlessly through the hair – without damaging. Perfect for different hair types: for fine, thick, straight and curly hair. The brush is easy to hold. The durable product is designed for long-term, demanding use.

Clean the brush regularly with warm water, mild detergent or soap. This way it will last a long time in use. Allow to dry horizontally, with the wooden pins facing down. 

Why a bamboo hairbrush?

A bamboo brush is a sustainable, gentle option – it is beneficial for hair and scalp health. The wooden pins effectively detangle the hair and gently stimulate and massage the scalp. This increases blood circulation and brings nutrients to the hair follicles – which can support healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Bamboo is great because it is incredibly sustainable: it grows quickly, there are no pesticides or fertilizers needed and bamboo needs little water. Also, no new bamboo needs to be planted, because the plant grows from its roots. Another great environmental benefit of bamboo is that bamboo has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Size: 26 cm x  8.5 cm
Material: FSC-certified bamboo
Values: Recycled Materials, Vegan, Handmade, Organic, Social Good, Plastic Free


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