Deodorant Lime & Orange

This deodorant has a fresh fruity aroma thanks to its bitter citrus notes with hints of sweet orange.

It will keep you fresh all day thanks to its natural and active ingredients.

If you’re looking for an efficient product adapted to your sensitive skin, here you go!



+ How does this deodorant works:

Handcrafted in Belgium, MIKLØ deodorants draw their effectiveness in their natural ingredients.

They use active and naturally occurring ingredients such as magnesium and zinc killing underarm bacteria.

These fight bad odours while ensuring the natural transpiration process. MIKLØ deodorant composition guarantees a perfect balance between effectiveness, hydration, and respect for sensitive skin.

Main ingredients :

  • Unrefined and organic shea butter and vegetable oils sourced in the EU: moisturise and soothe your skin

  • Magnesium and zinc: fight bad odours

  • Arrowroot powder: absorbs moisture

  • Essential oils: bring fresh and natural fragrances

  • Size: 50g

Free of baking soda, aluminium, alcohol and artificial fragrances.

1 review for Deodorant Lime & Orange

  1. Roxanne

    This works so well for me.
    I’ve been using this product for a year and a half. It works well in all seasons. No longer need to refresh my deo multiple times a day. My long sleeved tshirts stay fresh so much longer!! Really recommend.

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