Dish Brush

Coconut bristles
Sturdy stick



The dish brush is composed of a birch wood handle, coconut bristles and stainless steel. It has a bent round-shaped head, which is designed to reach all areas easily. The high density of the bristles provides a thorough cleaning with the coconut scourer. The bamboo handle has an ergonomic shape for a tight and comfortable grip.
Suitable for cleaning dishes, jars, bowls and pots.

+ Composition

  • Coconut Fibre
    Natural fibre extracted from the coconut shell’s outer husk or cocoon. Composed of 45% of wood, this makes the bristles solid and resistant. Besides, the slimness of the fibre assures a scratch-free washing experience.
  • 304 stainless steel
    Stainless steel is corrosion proof. Additionally, it is one of the world’s most recycled material, ahead of paper and glass. 60% of the new stainless-steel production comes from recycled material.
  • Birch Wood
    Birch is a fast-growing tree which ideal to create the biodegradable handle of the dish brush.


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