Facial massage roller | Rose Quartz

Rose Quart toll for facial massage



This tool is an ancient Chinese beauty ritual which works promoting a natural face-lifting, with slimming and rejuvenating effect. This beauty tool is made of Rose Quartz, a stone that is for love and self love, also connected to the heart chakra.
The facial massage with a Rose quart roller is a great ritual for self-confidence boosting, stress reduction and emotional balance. Give yourself deserved moments of self care and self love with this beautiful roller. Also nice to associate with the Gua Sha massage.


Roll for five to ten minutes daily. Use the roller on cleansed skin, possibly in combination with a serum or day or night cream.

Ergonomics are ensured with this roller, its two heads adapt to each area of ​​your skin. The larger roller it’s indicated for those larger areas of the face: the neck, the jaw, the forehead. You can even use them on different parts of the body; to stimulate circulation and drain the skin. The smallest roller it’s ideal for the most sensitive areas of the face, where you need more precision and delicacy, like the cheekbone area, dark circles and lip contour.


Material: Rose Quartz

Values: Natural, Ethical resourced


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