Menstrual Cup | Ocean | Intense flow

Contains: 1 Menstrual Cup Intense + 1 Cotton Bag + 1 Digital Manual

• The color of the cotton bag may vary.
• The color tone of the collector may vary from screen to screen.



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A choice that makes sense!

The Korui Menstrual Cup is made from pure medical silicone.

How to use?

Fold and insert into the vaginal canal to collect menstrual blood. It forms a vacuum that prevents leaks and leaves you completely free for up to 12 hours to do whatever you want. This includes jumping into the sea or running a marathon!

How to choose the size of your menstrual cup?

Choose LIGHT: If you are a virgin or younger than 20-25 and your flow is light to moderate and you do not have children. Measurements – Edge 41mm | length with the stalk 70mm | length without the stalk 47mm | length of the stalk 23mm | volume approximately 25ml.

Choose INTENSE: If you are 30-35 years old or have children and your cervix is ​​not too low and your flow is heavy. Measurements – edge 45mm | length with the stalk 70mm | length without the stalk 51mm| length of the stalk 19mm | volume approximately 34ml. 

Choose REGULAR: In all other situations! Normal size is in between, it sits smack in the middle between Light and Heavy so it usually suits most people well. Measurements – edge 43mm | length with stalk 70mm | length without the stalk 49mm | length of the stalk 21mm | volume approximately 29ml.

Why is this a better choice than disposable pads?

1. Because it’s so much healthier!
2. Because it’s a more sustainable option!
3. Because you save!
4. Because it helps you break taboos!
5. Because every 10 menstrual collectors sold to Korui donates 1!

Important notices

• People using an IUD should consult their gynecologist to make sure it is in the correct position and can use the cup.
– Always remember to take care not to pull the strings of the IUD when removing the cup.
• People with a very low cervix should use the information on the dimensions of the cup to make sure that it will be possible to use it comfortably.

Use a Korui sterilizer pan or sterilizer cup to clean you Menstrual Cup in a fast and easy way.

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