How to bring more lightness into your life

Negative thoughts, harmful habits, unhappy relationships, family conflicts and professional dissatisfaction are examples of situations that will, little by little, leave us without energy. And in Pandemic times, there are numerous other factors that affect us. There is a lot to handle right now, and it is normal to feel tired and fragile. 


Everything is energy

Everything is made out of energy, and it is very easy for that energy to build up and bring you down. The same way that we do our personal and home hygiene, we also need to care for us and our home energetically talking. 

An energetic cleansing is great way to let go some stuff and -not welcome- feelings and to bring some lightness into our lives. 


It is time for detachment

Take a minute to take a honest look around where you are right now. Name, mentally, at least 3 useless things you see. Yes, I know you can find them! Now imagine how much of the unnecessary you have around, materially and energetically speaking.


Start with the useless stuff

How many things are filling in closets, drawers, rooms, without any function, any interaction? Open your closets and remove clothing and objects that are unused, torn, or broken. Donate, repair, recycle. Clear the spaces! 


Home energetic cleansing

Enjoy that you are on this mode and do an energetic cleansing in your home as well. Try to open the doors and windows wide so that air circulates throughout the house. You may use a natural incense like Palo Santo or White Sage to cleanse each room. Say a prayer, meditate, or just imagine that your home is now filled with joy and positive energy. Feel grateful!


Time for emotional check

How many problems, conflicts and feelings are you holding which are making you feel heavy and overwhelmed? Well, it is time to let those go too! Do you feel there are some that you can just let go right now? So do it! Simply allow yourself to it. Feel the lightness!


Create opportunities and spaces for connection

Connect with yourself, meditate of just enjoy the silence. Or calm down while listening to nice music… well, just find out what help you to relax and recharge and give yourself more of it. You may add to those moments with Aromatherapy. Essential oils such as rosemary, lavender and chamomile are good options to calm the mind and transmute negative energy into positive.

Feel inspired to create nice spaces in your home, where you are invited to rest, let go off the shields and just enjoy yourself and your beloved ones. Turn those spaces even more into healing spaces adding crystals, salt lights, candles, plants and flowers. How does it sound?


I wish those tips can help you to bring more lightness into your life. And remember: you deserve it!