Holistic self-care, what does that mean?

Holi what? The word holistic comes from “holos” from the ancient Greek and means all. Holism is a concept that understands that everything is connected, constantly relating and balancing. In the Holistic approach we see body, mind, soul, the community and the planet as a whole, understanding that one aspect directly or indirectly has impact over another.

There are several factors that influence our physical, mental and even spiritual health. Today more than ever we see people tired, exhausted, without energy, or yet with many allergies, low immunity levels, insomnia, under the skin…this is a reflection of the current moment plus the absence of a holistic self-care in everyday life.

It has never been so urgent to learn to take care of ourselves, to be autonomous with our energy and emotions. This is time to learn to create more space for yourself and more meaningful moments of connection.


The holistic approach

When it comes to self-care, I feel like the depth of this term is not always achieved. I like to say that the holistic approach is a reminder of how much more complete this self-care needs to be, and the need of experiencing it daily.

Self-care is not only important, it’s crucial. We are used to burdening ourselves with obligations that often consume our health. Women are generally more affected, as most work double shifts, inside their homes, and outside. But self-care is essential for all people, regardless of gender, age or social status.

People who practice self-care tend to be much more productive, efficient and successful. They are also able to cultivate health relationships with themselves and with others, and they often make difference in their environment in one or other ways.

Make a routine out of it

Does the word routine scares you? Many already imagine that this will be boring, bring in more work, take a long time… and time is one of the main excuses we make for ignoring our self-care needs. Cam down! The good news is that there are many things we can do for ourselves, and none of them are particularly difficult or require a lot of planning.

The objective of holistic self-care is precisely to integrate all the parts and dilute this self-care posture in your day to day, so that it becomes something natural, and not just another item on our already huge “I have to” list. The base is made up of seemingly insignificant little habits practiced as quickly as possible. It can be things like meditating, writing in a journal or even taking a nap!

Anything healthy and beneficial to your mind, body and soul can be considered an act of self-care, although the importance of doing this is often underestimated or confused with selfishness. But there is nothing selfish on putting yourself first, being kind to yourself and taking care of your own health and well-being. Believe, others around you will be highly benefited and grateful.

How to build a holistic self-care routine


First of all: put off the autopilot!

Allow yourself to feel, truly experience your days, be present in the moments, and to hear to yourself.

Instead of running around, trying to handle everything as if the world couldn’t go on without you, how about going for a run, or a walk close to nature, while listening to music that makes you feel good?

Find out what you need

From the simplest and most routine things, nobody knows better what you need to feel well. Do you need silence, and do you feel good about staying a little just with yourself? Create that moment! Whether waking up half an hour earlier or sitting longer in the car before going home or going to work. Look for it and you will find that ideal moment and place. Respect this as a priority, something you need and something that is good for you.

Bring more connection to your daily activities

How is your morning care ritual? Do you do everything rushing and barely know what you’re doing, or do you really allow yourself to enjoy this moment, look at yourself, notice your feelings…? Well, this will probably take as long as it already takes, what it asks for is just another mood, another posture, and presence.

Create opportunities

If you are someone who likes social interaction, create these moments – again the excuse of lack of time is just an excuse. Create moments with your family, at home. Set aside a day of the week to do something together that everyone enjoys, like playing board games, or even cooking together. Create moments of interaction with your friends, even online, in these current times. If you like to have a wine, or to read poems, nothing prevents you from doing it together, or just talking nonsense and laughing about it.

Spoil yourself

Find the ways you like to be spoiled the most, and don’t expect anyone to do it, do it for yourself. If you can go to a spa, get a day spa as a self-gift. If not, have a home-spa day, give yourself a self-massage while watching your favorite series, or in bed, before you go to sleep. Choose a natural moisturizer with calming properties and enjoy this moment.

There are numerous tips on how to build a holistic self-care routine, but the truth is: you know that better than anyone. A holistic self-care is one in which we give ourselves space to take care of the mental, physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual, understanding everything as part of this great gear that we are. It is one when you keep connected to yourself and just allow you to fulfil your own needs.

This is actually our “natural programming”, but it has been changing during the years because it was often considered as a “not important subject”. Well… it is the most important one!

If we fail to put ourselves first and take care of ourselves, we are probably going to fail in many other things. 

Be kind to yourself!