Want to live more sustainably? Here’s how!

Contrary to what many people still think, living more sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or inaccessible. Sustainability starts with small changes.

Any less impact makes a difference! And if everyone does a bit, together we make a commitment of caring for the future.

Our job is to help you, so we’ve put together some “changes tips” for your daily routine. You can adopt just one or all of them. And in this case, the more the better. ; )

Produce less waste

According to the Eurostat Statistics Explained*, 5.2 tons of waste were generated per EU inhabitant in 2018. I know, it’s scary, especially if you think about a lifetime.

You may ask yourself how to produce less waste? The most direct answer is avoid using disposables such as plastic, which can take hundreds of years to decompose. In parallel, separate, reuse and recycle, obviously.

But have you ever thought about the impact of little changes, as for example choosing shampoo and soap bars instead of plastic bottles? If you consider that one person uses average 936 bottles of shampoo during his entire life (not counting conditioner and soap) … yes, it’s huge!

Change in food

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to go vegetarian. However, eating less meat is a good way to be more sustainable, thinking about diverse aspects as animal rights, deforestation and gas emission to name a few. You may feel like joining, for example, the Meat Free Monday.

But this is definitely not the only way. Choosing for free packaging grocery stores, or for more ecological packages at the conventional grocery shops, and refusing to buy plastic packed vegetables and fruits, is a great deal.

Buy from small and sustainable brands

Whenever possible, prefer to move the local economy, as this is also sustainable, among others, due to the reduction of environmental costs of transport. If buying from a big brand, always choose one that is already adopting sustainable changes in its production process. At Apoena, we bring many of those together for you. 🙂

Spread the idea

The more people adopt sustainable habits, the better. Talk to your family, neighbours, and friends about these little changes. If everyone does a bit, together we make the big change happen.

Set a sustainable lifestyle as one of your New Year goals

As 2022 just started, what about choosing to make a difference in your own life, community and to the planet going more sustainable? Great, right?! Write it down and start now. 🙂

Remember: a sustainable lifestyle is not difficult, expensive or inaccessible, it is just a question of simple daily choices.


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