Rose Complex Lip Balm | 10ml

Deep Healing Vit. E Lip Balm

Are your lips still flaky or cracked? Need something you don’t have to re-apply every hour? Butterbalm’s potent mix of 100% organic butters, oils & plant wax that will give your lips a protective layer of long lasting hydration (which means less hassle re-applying it so many times throughout the day).



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It penetrates into the lips for deep nutrition and deep healing that will prevent cracks and inflammation popping up later. Thanks to our unique concentratedvitamin e (trust me, you won’t find this in any other lip balm) you’ll also get an extra boost of protection from those nasty free radicals that dry out your lips!

And if you’re not sure whether you want a gloss or matte finish, this balm is just right in the middle – delicate and natural. Made entirely from yummy edible ingredients, you can also rest assured that if you swallow some (e.g. whilst eating) you’ll be fine. And at 10g (twice as much as your average a lip balm) this is sure to last even longer.

Aroma: calming floral bouquet of rose, geranium & palmarosa essential oils
✓ Organic & edible ingredients only (100% safe if swallowed)
✓ Long lasting hydration. Longer lasting balm
✓ Deep healing (beyond surface protection)
✓ Vegan, cruelty free & palm-free
✓ Biodegradable balm & packaging = clean earth


Simply uncap the tube and push up the balm from the base of the tube. Now, smear an even layer of the balm to your bottom and top lip, then rub your lips together. Now carry on with your day and let that deep nutrition get to work.


candelilla wax | euphorbia cerifera wax
organic shea butter | butyrospermum parkii butter
organic olive oil | olea europea fruit oil
organic castor oil | ricinus communis seed oil
organic squalane extract |squalane
organic hemp oil | cannabis sativa seed oil
organic yuzu oil | citrus junos peel oil*
organic vitamin e concentrate | tocopherol

*[naturally occurring: limonene linalool].


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