Winter Rescue Lip Balm | 10ml

Are your lips still flaky or cracked? Need something you don’t have to re-apply every hour? Butterbalm’s potent mix of 100% organic butters, oils & plant wax that will give your lips a protective layer of long lasting hydration (which means less hassle re-applying it so many times throughout the day).



This Winter Rescue Lip Balm is made entirely from delicious organic and edible ingredients. Yes, edible, which means that if you swallow any (e.g. while eating), you’re absolutely safe. Its lightweight formula is specially designed to penetrate the lips and nourish them deeply, preventing chapping and inflammation. Thanks to its high concentration of uniquely extracted vitamin E, your lips will also be protected against those notorious free radicals that dry out your lips! And if you can’t decide between shine and matte, this balm is the ideal compromise. And at 10g (yes, I know 10g isn’t much, but it’s more than average for a lip balm), it’ll last much longer than you think.

Aroma: calming essential oils of sandalwood, frankincense and yuzu.

✓ Organic and edible ingredients only (100% safe if swallowed).

✓ Long-lasting hydration. ✓ Deeply nourishes and repairs.

✓ Vegan, cruelty free & palm free.

✓ Biodegradable balm and packaging = good for the planet.


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